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Fuller Advantage Series

The Fuller Advantage® series of manual and automated transmissions are specifically designed to meet the growing demand for greater efficiency, productivity and cost savings. Using extensive customer input, these our engineers looked for ways to bring innovation and technology to our classic twin-countershaft design. Available in direct drive, overdrive and small-step overdrive, the Fuller Advantage series is one of the most efficient transmissions in the trucking industry.

Advantage 60 HP Mudflap Advantage License Plate
Power when you need it most.

Cooling fans rob power. Usually at inopportune times. Thanks to cool-running Precision Lubrication, there is no more need for transmission cooling systems1. And that means as much as 60 horsepower is back on tap when you need it most.

1 Designed to eliminate the transmission oil cooler in up to 110,000 lbs. [49,859 kg] GCW applications. Initial applications restricted to 80,000 lbs. [36,287 kg].

Long service intervals keep your trucks on the road longer.

You can always count on the robust service schedule Eaton is known for. All new transmissions can still roll for half-a-million miles between lube services. And clutches require routine maintenance only after 50,000 miles. That’s not just convenient, that is a competitive advantage.