Eaton GearLogic™ Technology

A suite of intelligent technology features for automated transmissions that improve performance, fuel efficiency and driver confidence.

Feature Definition
Hill Start Aid Prevents unintended roll back or roll forward. When the grade exceeds the programed threshold, foundation brakes hold the truck for a controlled launch. It works when pointing uphill in drive or facing downhill in reverse.
Auto Neutral Automatically switches the transmission into neutral once the parking brake is engaged to prevent potential movement. Safety features like these not only reduce accidents, but can also help meet the latest CSA regulations.
Engine Overspeed Protection The transmission system upshifts if necessary to prevent engine over-speed in Drive, Manual and Low modes.
Enhanced Engine Braking Downshifts the transmission to help slow the truck on long, steep descents and increases brake pad life.
Load-Based Shifting Selects appropriate starting gear and makes shift decisions based on grade, vehicle weight, engine torque and throttle position.
Urge to Move Drivers simply release the brake pedal to automatically inch forward, similar to the feel of a passenger car.
Blended Pedal Drivers can use the throttle to feather the clutch for seamless low-speed control.
Creep Mode Enables the driver to "creep" at low speeds and offering ultimate control.
Neutral Coast Fuel-saving feature that disengages the driveline on slight downhill grades.
Smart Gear Selection The appropriate starting gear is selected and makes shift decisions based on grade, vehicle weight, engine torque and throttle position—skip shifting when appropriate, making the most efficient shift changes based on those conditions.