Service Trucking, Inc.

Eaton® Fuller® Reman™ Transmissions Brightening Up Sunshine State Fleet

“If we ever have a warranty issue, no matter where that may occur, we know Eaton is going to take care of us.”

Dan Baugh
President Service Trucking Inc

EUSTIS, Fla. – There was a time about 30 years ago when Mike Mullis, director of maintenance for Service Trucking, Inc., would purchase non-genuine components, including reman transmissions, from a local rebuild shop to service his trucks. But that was when the vehicles under his charge only operated within Florida.

"Now" says the 35-year trucking industry veteran, "we only work with the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) like Eaton because our territory includes all 48 continental states. Having an issue somewhere in the Midwest, for instance, and having to bring the truck back here for repairs is the last thing we ever want to have happen."

That's why Mullis, whenever the need arises, insists on only using genuine Eaton Fuller Reman transmissions. "It's a great product, every bit as good as one of their new transmission, which of course, we always spec with a new truck order," says Mullis.

He's also a big fan of the warranties that come with every Eaton Reman transmission. "If we ever have a warranty issue, no matter where that may occur, we know Eaton is going to take care of us."

All but one of the roughly 100 tractors in the Service Trucking fleet are International 9400s or International ProStars, and that makeup further contributes to his partiality for Eaton.

"We know how closely they work with all of the International dealerships and we know those same locations will always honor Eaton's warranties," adds Mullis.

Mullis has been with Service Trucking for more than 20 years now, and is well aware of what it takes to keep his trucks running profitably. "We service the trucks every 13,000 and 25,000 miles, " says Mullis. "Our trucks are usually in here at least once a month. We don't like to take any chances. All it takes is one mishap. To avoid that, we take good care of the trucks and only buy the best parts available and that includes brakes, engine parts, as well as transmissions."

In the case of an Eaton Reman transmission, that purchase brings him the same genuine Fuller parts that are used in a new transmission. Every unit is also performance tested to ensure it operates to the same quality specifications as a new model. On top of that, Eaton has logistic centers strategically located across the country to give customers like Service Trucking as minimal downtime as possible.

But Mullis still claims the warranty for parts and service that comes with every unit is the biggest feature of an Eaton Reman. "You get the truck into the dealership, you put it in, no issues, and you're back on the road," says Mullis.

Every heavy-duty Eaton Fuller Reman transmission comes complete with clutch housing, shift bar housing and an air system. Torque and speed capacity may also be upgraded with the hundreds of available models, including newer automated transmissions with the latest in upgraded electronics. Warranties are fully transferable and recognized throughout North America.

Service Trucking, family owned and operated since 1976, provides transportation services for refrigerated and dry products. Outbound freight is centered on one of Florida's biggest industries – orange juice – and inbound freight mostly consists of food products like vegetables and ice cream. In addition to the International tractors, they also operate roughly 130 trailers.

Company president is Dan Baugh and his father, Gene, who remains active in the company at the age of 82, started the firm. The company has received numerous awards from customers and insurance companies for its safe and on-time service, adds Mullis.

No doubt Mullis' strict attention to his maintenance and purchasing responsibilities has been a major contributor to both accolades.