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Leasing Customers

Look what satisfied Fuller® UltraShift® HV customers are saying …

"Since we've had UltraShift in our fleet, we've seen some significant fuel improvements."

Justin Smitter
Route Supervisor, Henry A. Fox Beverage

Henry A. Fox Beverage

"I'm old school. I had to be convinced that it was a good product. We put it on our toughest route, and it's come back and paid dividends. Our drivers love it. They feel very comfortable driving it. They can worry about their driving skills, not about what shift points they have to hit. It's been a wonderful truck to work with. The transmission's great. It's solid and it works hard. Since we've had UltraShift in our fleet, we've seen some significant fuel improvements."

Star Truck Rental

"At the heart of it is a manual transmission, which makes it much easier to maintain and just about anyone can work on it that's worked on a manual before. Our customers seem to be very pleased. They've seen some fuel economy improvements, no down time that I'm aware of."

Hogan Motor Leasing Inc.

"We have been running the UltraShift HV automated transmissions in our medium-duty vehicles for close to five years now and we currently have more than 150 in our fleet. The UltraShift HV has proven to be a very reliable product. Driver acceptance has also been very good, and that is important to us. Automation is a good investment from a maintenance standpoint, as well as a safety standpoint, because it doesn't matter if you are an experienced driver or one who is just getting started. All you need to do is put it in drive and let the transmission control the shifting, thereby allowing the driver to focus on the road ahead. Automated shifting helps control our maintenance expenses and should also make a significant impact on fuel economy. Finally, when you take into account the assistance that we have received over the years from our Roadranger representatives, it is easy for us to justify repeat purchases. When we rank our suppliers, Eaton is one of the suppliers at the top of our list year after year."