Construction Customers

What are Construction Customers Saying about UltraShift® PLUS Transmissions?

“We are all in agreement that the shifting decisions are perfect and the pulling power is right where we want it to be for our operation.”

Chad McCormick
Supervisor, T.J. Hunt Trucking, Chattanooga, TN

T.J. Hunt Trucking

"We've been in the trucking business for 13 years and currently run 19 dump trucks. About 95 percent of our business is hauling and dumping asphalt to assist in the paving of interstates and local roads.

Our Fuller UltraShift PLUS transmission that's accumulated roughly 60,000 miles of real world service has easily exceeded our expectations in terms of overall performance. And so has it exceeded the expectations of the three operators who have used it over the past year and a half.

We are all in agreement that the shifting decisions are perfect and the pulling power is right where we want it to be for our operation. We also like the fact that clutch adjustments are a thing of the past with the new transmissions. It's a great product."

Maurer & Scott Sales, Inc.

"We are a blasting contractor and the miles we accumulate both on and off the road are minimal compared to many truck fleets. But when we are hauling our explosives, we of course need to be safe. The UltraShift PLUS transmission we are now testing helps us accomplish that because our drivers can concentrate more on the road and traffic instead of having to concentrate on shifting gears.

The same transmission also has given us very good performance when moving from on-road to off-road conditions.

In addition, our business has never lent itself well to assigning one driver to a particular truck. The UltraShift Plus affords us more flexibility when scheduling our crews."

Gibco Construction

"I have to give the new UltraShift Plus transmissions a very high rating. We have not had a breakdown or any problems with our test unit since we first began using it. It has definitely met our expectations. The driver with the new transmission has been equally impressed with the performance. He does a lot of his work with road construction and paving equipment, and likes the fact that he doesn't have to ride the clutch. The new transmission does all of the work for you."

Knife River – Belgrade Division

"We have been running three of the new transmissions here for almost a year now, and every one of the units is putting in 40 hours of work every week. In our area the trucks, while grossing 112,000 pounds, will often climb from 6,000 feet to 9,000 feet over a roughly 10-mile trip that takes about 20 minutes. That typically translates to a lot of maintenance.

But from a maintenance standpoint, I would like to see many, many more of the UltraShift PLUS transmissions in our fleet. When we pulled the clutches during a recent inspection, there was hardly any wear based on the hours of operation. We are also anticipating significantly less wear on the drivelines.

Our drivers also love the transmissions. I simply have nothing negative to say about them."

Williams Transport Co. and Roadrunner Express

"The UltraShift PLUS makes the job for the driver easier and safer.

Our trucks are continuously stopping, starting and downshifting throughout the day in on/off road applications without the worries of using a clutch or finding the right gear.

The new UltraShift transmission computes the load on the transmission and actually adjusts internally to the best gear for the amount of load. That's right – it actually can determine if you're loaded or empty, how heavy your load is, the angle of launch and adjust for that.

The ease of operation of this transmission takes the mental and physical load off the drivers keeping their focus on their surroundings. In turn, the drivers are more productive and refreshed at the end of their shift."

Williams Transport Co. and Roadrunner Express

"Our mixer that is equipped with the UltraShift PLUS transmission operates in our most urban application – downtown Toronto. There it accumulates the most starts and stops in our fleet, and all in slow moving traffic.

Our experience with this product would indicate the UltraShift PLUS has been reducing driver stress and fatigue because of its ease of operation. By not needing to constantly shift gears and apply the clutch, at the end of the day the operator is not as tired and fatigued as he was with his previous manual transmission.

On a curb machine in creep mode, where short movements are required, the UltraShift PLUS eliminates clutch pedal applications. The comments we have received from our drivers are: 'It is brilliant with curbing; it's saving my legs, back, arms and shoulder'."