Quick Reference Guide

  • This page is intended to support general warranty processes for Eaton Automated Transmissions, Mechanical Transmissions and Clutch.
  • For Warranty Assistance on Eaton Hybrid Systems, contact the Roadranger Call Center at 1-800-826-HELP(4357) and select the "Hybrid" prompt.
  • The information on this page can also be downloaded as a PDF. Click here to view.


1. Collect Information

  • Document and verify driver complaint
  • For Automated Transmission, complete Driver Questionnaire
  • Document the component model, serial number, VIN, mileage, and in-service data

2. Determine Warranty Coverage

3. Pre-Repair Support

  • Prior to starting the repair, refer to additional reference tools (See Post-Repair)
  • Save time on overall repair by using an alternative to calling the Roadranger Call Center
  • NOTE: Roadranger Automated Call Center is available to all dealers.
    • Real Time Warranty (RTW) for Manual Transmission and Clutch is restricted to authorized dealers only.  RTW is an optional program and NOT required for any warranty claim.
  • Reasons to call during pre-repair support
    • Additional technical assistance is required.
    • Unclear diagnostics and troubleshooting
    • Faster Payment
  • In either case above, the dealer must have the following key information available prior to calling. it will be requested by the Call Center or RTW agent.


1. Troubleshoot Failure and Perform Diagnostics

2. Form Repair Plan

  • Verify the complaint (may include visual inspection and/or performance verification)
  • Review vehicle / component repair history in OEM system
  • Identify root cause of failure to determine responsible party. (Note: Only defects in materials and workmanship are considered warrantable...)
  • Compare failure symptoms and description to select your Preauthorized Repair Guidelines.
  • Establish estimate to assist in determination of repair plan (component repair vs. replacement)
  • Perform troubleshooting and diagnostics
  • Review Roadranger Warranty Manual (TCWY0600)
    • Component replacement guidelines
    • Warranty limits and exclusions
    • Other Important Information
  • Confirm parts availability through ordering channel (OEM System)
    • If parts are not available through your OEM's PDC network, please contact Roadranger Aftermarket Customer Support for availability at 1-800-826-4357, option 2

3. Complete the Repair

4. Technician to Document the following:
  • Complaint, cause (findings), correction
  • All inactive and active fault codes and diagnostic labor
  • Diagnostic fault tree step leading to part replacement
  • List reasons for labor above normal SRT times
  • Location of failed parts

5. Repair Reasons for Claim Adjustment
  • Excessive labor, time beyond SRT, with no technical documentation (example: requesting more labor hours than repair supports with no documentation.)
  • Excessive parts, over-repair, worn parts (example: sliding clutches requested when only gear failure; basic rebuild kit requested for only bearing replacement required from failure)
  • NOTE: Parts replaced not associated with failure must be approved and paid by customer.
    • Failure, non-warrantable (example: failure caused by low lube, improper lube, no lube, shock load)


1. Closeout Repair Order

  • If Automated Call Center or RTW is involved, dealer must close the claim with the Automated Call Center or RTW.
  • Labor to be paid per OEM Chassis SRT's for a specific failure. Excessive labor to be justified in claim text (include fault codes) or have Eaton approval.
  • See Roadranger Warranty Manual (TCWY0600) Important Information Regarding Claim Approval

2. File Claim

  • OEM Claim
    • Follow OEM claim procedures
    • All warranty claims for component that is within OEM warranty to be filed to truck nameplate OEM.
    • Eaton supported, OEM certified dealers may be exempt from part return (OEM claims only).
  • Eaton RTW Direct Pay Claim
    • Follow RTW Direct Pay Claim filing procedures as trained by your Eaton representative.
  • Roadranger Warranty Direct Pay Claims
    • Use this program to file claims for Roadranger extended warranties where pre-approval has not been received from the Roadranger Call Center / RTW, or where a claims is not currently open.
    • Click here to obtain guidelines and worksheet necessary to file claims
    • NOTE: For a claim submitted for a vehicle outside the OEM published warranty, a copy of the OEM warranty coverage for the vehicle must be included with the claim.
      • Warranty claim requirements, limits and exclusions
  • Check Status

3. Return Warranty Parts

  • OEM Claim
    • Follow OEM part return direction
    • Eaton supported, OEM certified dealers may be exempt from part return (OEM claims only).
  • Eaton Direct Pay Claim

4. Check Claim Status

5. Core Credit Administration

6. Warranty Appeals

  • OEM Claim
    • Contact OEM for Warranty Appeals
  • Eaton Direct Pay Claim

7. Warranty Tools

8. Service Updates

Warranty Disclaimer

If the failure is not the result of an accident, damage, negligence, abuse or misuse, improper installation or maintenance of any other conditions described in the Limits and Exclusions section of the Roadranger Warranty Manual (TCWY0600), then Eaton will treat the condition as covered under its warranty. However, this conclusion does not necessarily mean a defect in fact exists. In all cases, Eaton shall make the final determination and interpretation as to the warrantyability of the Product.

Warranty Coverage for U.S. and Canada Only

For spec'ing or service assistance, call 1-800-826-HELP (4357). In Mexico, call 001-800-826-4357 or visit Roadranger Mexico.