Standard Warranty Coverage

What is the Roadranger Warranty Coverage for My Component?

Knowing and understanding Roadranger warranty coverage is the responsibility of the vehicle owner. It is also the responsibility of the selling dealer to identify the Roadranger products in the vehicle and inform the purchaser of the warranty coverage for those products, based on the vehicle vocation at the time of sale.

The combined use of the Roadranger Warranty Manual TCWY0600 and the Roadranger Warranty Guide TCWY0900 expresses Eaton component time and mileage warranty coverages for Roadranger products. Roadranger warranty training is also available to assist dealers in understanding and identifying vocation coverage and warranty parameters. See your Roadranger Representative for details.

Warranty Claim Procedures

See Roadranger Warranty Guide TCWY0600 for detailed information / guidelines related to warranty claim procedures.

How do I file a Standard, Basic or OEM warranty claim?

  1. Claims Administration/Processing is handled through the OEM, per your OEM warranty procedures.
  2. Refer to the "Standard Warranties- Base Coverages" section in the Roadranger Warranty Guide TCWY0900. Also refer to stated warranty coverages for your specific OEM.
  3. Claims submitted must be for verifiable defects in material or workmanship.
  4. Claims must be submitted within 90 days from the date on which the failure occurred.
  5. Claims submitted, which have been approved or authorized by a Roadranger field service/sales representative, must reference the corresponding CCA number. Referencing the representatives' name is not sufficient to ensure claim payment.
  6. Provide the following information on or with the OEM claim:
    • Complete 17-digit VIN and date in service
    • Model and serial number of failed component
    • Itemized Eaton/Dana part numbers and prices
    • Description of complaint, failure, fault code(s), dealer test results, cause and correction (repair)
    • Date of failure and mileage at time of failure
    • Hourly labor rate and number of hours requested
    • OEM published labor code and hours
  7. If the truck has the same nameplate as the repairing dealer, file the claim through the OEM. This applies to all repair facilities, including those on Roadranger Real Time Warranty.
  8. See "Part Return Requirements" in the Roadranger Warranty Guide TCWY0900 for part return details.

NOTE: It is recommended the "Important Information Regarding Claim Approval" of the Warranty Guide TCWY-0900 be read and understood by all personnel at your location who are involved in any part of the warranty process.

How do I file a Roadranger Extended Warranty claim?

  1. Prior to starting a repair, the repairing dealer must verify the vehicle is covered under an extended warranty. For clarification and the pay-for registration confirmation number contact the Roadranger Call Center at 1-800-826-HELP (4357).
    • The repairing dealer provides the 17-digit VIN and customer name. Component model and serial number may also be requested.
    • Eaton verifies vehicle registration and extended warranty coverage and provides registration confirmation number to the repairing dealer.
  2. For failures which are determined to be lube related, the customer is responsible for furnishing the following information to the repairing dealer:
    • Proof of synthetic lube usage.
    • Proof the synthetic lube was changed at prescribed intervals.
    • NOTE: For further details about lube related failures, refer to "Limits and Exclusions to Eaton Warranties.
  3. If the failure is warrantable, the repairing dealer completes the repair and files a claim using one of the following options:
    • Option 1: If the OEM has decided to process Eaton Extended Warranty claims, the claim should be submitted through the OEM. Some OEM's have adopted this approach. Please check with the OEM to confirm they are using this method.
    • Option 2: If the OEM has decided not to administer Eaton Extended Warranties, please contact either the Roadranger Call Center at 1-800-826-HELP (4357) or your Roadranger Representative for claim filing instructions.
    • Option 3: In some isolated cases, the dealer may decide to bill the customer for the entire repair, including parts and labor. The dealer should still file the claim to the OEM for warranty reimbursement according to Option 1 above or direct to Eaton under Option 2.
  4. For claims submitted directly to Eaton, a standard OEM/dealer repair order must accompany the claim. In all cases the following information must be provided:
    • Roadranger Extended Warranty registration confirmation number (only in the case of paid for extended warranties
    • Date and mileage at the time of failure and vehicle vocation
    • Description of the complaint, failure, fault codes, dealer test results, cause and correction (repair).
    • Vehicle 17-digit VIN number and date in-service
    • Component model and serial number
    • Itemized repair parts list to include Eaton part numbers and prices.
    • Total labor hours expended to complete the repair (reference OEM and Eaton Labor Hour Guidelines of the Roadranger Warranty Guide TCWY0900). List published OEM codes and times, if known.
    • Hourly shop warranty rate (OEM warranty rate)
    • Total cost of the repair/total amount of the claim
    • Identify the party (name and mailing address) who should receive reimbursement for the claim.
    • Date of retail sale for service/replacement parts, replacement components, and REMAN transmission claims.
  5. Failed parts must be retained by the customer, dealer, or repairing facility for 60 days after the date the claim is submitted to Eaton, subject to possible inspection. When a complete unit (transmission or axle) is replaced under warranty, the failed unit must always be returned to the Warranty Return Center for inspection.
  6. The decision as to the warrantability of the failure will be made by Eaton based upon the following:
    • Review of the warranty claim
    • Proof of synthetic lube usage
    • Return and examination of failed parts, if required.

Extended Warranty Coverage

Reference Roadranger Warranty Guide TCWY0900 for detailed information / guidelines related to extended warranty coverage.

What is an extended warranty?

An extended warranty is a warranty that extends the parameters of the standard coverage (time, mileage, hours). Normally, the same criteria applies but some limitations may be placed on which parts or services are covered. A fee or surcharge may be required in some cases.

How do I register my vehicle's transmission and/or clutch for extended warranty?

The owner must fill out the Purchased Extended Warranty registration form.

How long do I have to register an extended warranty?

You have up to 1 year after date in service to purchase and register an extended warranty for Eaton products offered under this program. The owner who wishes to purchase an extended warranty for their Heavy Duty Mechanical and Automated Transmission during the second or third year of vehicle operation can do so by paying a premium per vehicle. Provisions have been made to allow customers to purchase Heavy Duty Mechanical Transmission extended warranties even into the 2nd and 3rd year of ownership provided that the vehicle has not exceeded the standard warranty time period.

What happens if I want to purchase an extended warranty to cover a failure that occurred after my standard warranty expired?

Since the failure occurred prior to you exercising your extended warranty purchasing options, this failure would not be covered under warranty. You could still purchase the appropriate extended warranty as long as it is within 3 years of a vehicle's in-service date (plus a premium for purchasing an extended warranty 2 or 3 years from a vehicle's in-service date). Future warrantable failures would then be covered during the terms of the purchased extended warranty.

When does my purchased extended warranty take effect?

Vehicles registered for extended warranty during the first year take effect immediately. Coverage for vehicles registered for extended warranty during the second and third year takes effect 30 days from the date of registration.

Is an extended warranty transferable to a second owner?

Roadranger warranties are fully transferable and do not need to be registered by a subsequent owner as long as the truck vocation has not changed.

Real Time Warranty

What is Real Time Warranty?

A call-in service started in 1998 that helps dealers with troubleshooting, repair strategies and warranty claim pre-approval. The intent of the RTW system is to provide a dealer claim pre-approval in order to avoid dealer claim charge backs.

Who can use the Real Time Warranty program?

The Real Time Warranty program is only for dealers who are currently approved and trained. As of right now, the number of approved dealers is limited to control call volume and wait times.

If I am an approved dealer, how do I use RTW?

Once a dealer has been approved and trained by an Eaton Service Representative, they can call a toll free number where they will provide the RTW representative with vehicle, component and failure information.

Do I need a Real Time Warranty approval on every claim?

No. RTW is a voluntary dealer program designed to assist RTW authorized dealers in determining if a failure is warrantable or determine the level of repair.

Warranty Termination

I had a non-warrantable failure. What do I need to do to continue the original warranty?
To continue warranty coverage after a non-warrantable failure please see the “Component Repair or Replacement Guidelines” section of the Roadranger Warranty Manual TCWY0600

Parts Returns

After a failure, what parts need to be returned and why?

All parts associated with a failure need to be returned to verify the failure and determine the root cause.

Should the failed parts be identified?

Yes, parts need to be clearly identified and meet the “Parts Return Requirements” of the Roadranger Warranty Manual TCWY0600.

Labor Hours

Where do I find Eaton SRT's?

Eaton SRT's can be found in the “Labor Hour Guidelines” section of the Roadranger Warranty Manual TCWY0600.

Limits & Exclusions

Where can I find a listing of what is not covered by Roadranger Warranty?

Roadranger has a comprehensive expressed warranty identified in the “Limits & Exclusions” section of the Roadranger Warranty Manual TCWY0600 that identifies what is not covered by Roadranger Warranty.

Time & Mileage Coverage

Where do I find warranty documentation regarding time and miles?

Individual component or part time and mileage parameters can be found in the  Roadranger Warranty Guide TCWY0900 by vocation.

Where do I find my vocational definition?

Vocation definitions can be found in the Roadranger Warranty Guide TCWY0900.