Roadranger New Truck EPP

Today, many truck operators today keep their vehicles beyond the original warranty period. The Roadranger Extended Protection Plan1 give you extra protection for the critical drivetrain components. Whether your drive a medium or heavy duty truck, regardless of vocation, there is a Roadranger Extended Protection Plan for your transmission and clutch.

 2 Reasons to Buy

$1,200 manual transmission gear repair
$2,000 automated transmission ECU
$1,900 clutch replacement
Repairs are made using genuine Eaton parts and when it comes time to sell your truck, you can transfer the remainder of the warranty to the new owner.

Roadranger Extended Protection Plans require the use of Roadranger lubricants or fluid meeting the Eaton Transmission Specification PS-386 for heavy-duty transmissions or PS-278 for Procision transmissions.

Plan coverage varies by product and vehicle use.

1 Program available in U.S. and Canada only.