Major manufacturers of medium- and heavy-duty commercial trucks and tractors are our primary customers. Use the links below to learn more about doing business with Roadranger.

Roadranger Call Center is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In the U.S. and Canada, dial (800) 826-HELP (4357).  In Mexico, dial 001 (800) 826-4357.

Directory of Roadranger Representatives for OEMs
Available Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., EST
Freightliner(360) 635-5447
Western Star(269) 484-7194
Navistar(269) 342-3631
Mack(980) 233-8141
Kenworth(425) 961-0378
Peterbilt(214) 415-5747
Volvo(980) 233-8141
Hino(269) 342-3034
Specialty OEM(269) 342-3058
For General Questions(269) 342-3475

OEM Aftermarket Account Managers
Freightliner(269) 342-3733
PACCAR(269) 342-3408
Volvo/Mack(336) 676-5105
Navistar(269) 342-3868
Crane/HME/Oshkosh(269) 746-3915
Specialty OEM(269) 746-3915

Roadranger Aftermarket Customer Support  
Call 1 (800) 826-4357

Find Your Nearest Roadranger Field Representative

Use Online Look Up to search for your nearest Roadranger field representative.

How do I buy genuine Roadranger components?

Commercial truck makers (OEMs) are welcome to buy Roadranger parts directly from us. Contact your Roadranger representative (see our directory) for names and phone numbers).

How do I contact a Roadranger engineer about building your products into our trucks?

Contact the Roadranger representative assigned to your account. See the directory for names and phone numbers.

How do I become a new Roadranger customer?

In general, Roadranger prefers to do business directly with truck makers with anticipated annual volumes of $100,000 or more per year. Contact the Roadranger Call Center and ask for an information packet that contains a credit application, terms and conditions, product launch information and more. If your purchase needs are less than $100,000 per year, we may refer you to one of our established OEM customers so that you may obtain parts through them as an aftermarket customer.

How do I get application approval to build a truck or drivetrain with Roadranger parts?

OEM application approvals for Eaton® Fuller® transmissions and clutches are handled directly through Eaton Corporation. Approvals for Dana® Spicer® axle, brake, driveshaft and tire management products are handled directly through Dana Corporation

Application Approval for Dana® Spicer® Products

New & Current Customers - Submit an online Application Approval Request Form at www.cvsengineering.com.

General OEM Warranty Support (269) 342-3585

(Available Monday -- Friday, 8:00 a.m. -- 4:30 p.m., Eastern)

How should our truck-buying customers obtain warranty support?

The first line of warranty support is through the truck maker’s dealer network. Dealers and truck buyers have direct access to Roadranger warranty support.

How do I determine the Roadranger extended warranty coverage for a particular component?

Click here for online information about coverage, application guidelines, claim processes and official warranty statements. Or, you can download a copy of our Warranty Guide, which provides information about standard warranties and claims procedures.

What is Real Time Warranty?

Real Time Warranty (RTW) is a unique Roadranger service offered to qualified OEM dealers in North America. Dealer service operations can call the RTW Help Desk to quickly confirm warranty coverage and to determine the best repair strategy. This means that you can determine if a failure is warrantable before the vehicle leaves the dealership.

The RTW service specialist explains and authorizes the level of the repair to be performed, which means that approval for payment under warranty guidelines is determined at the time of repair.

This is a discretionary program, and OEM dealers are not required to call on every claim. However, if you’re uncertain that a repair is warrantable, contact the Roadranger Call Center.

How can a truck buyer obtain purchased extended warranties?

For Eaton transmission and clutch products, Roadranger purchased extended warranties can be obtained for up to three years following a vehicle’s in-service date.

Depending on the component and vocation, Roadranger purchased warranties are also available for up to seven years or 750,000 miles.Click here to get more information about purchasing extended warranties and to download the registration form. Or, you can contact the Roadranger Call Center.

What warranties are available outside the U.S.?

Warranty coverage varies from country to country. Typically, a one-year or 150,000 mile (240,000 km) warranty applies to most transmissions, with varying warranty coverage on other components.

How can a truck buyer ensure that an original warranty coverage will continue?

Continued warranty coverage is ensured by the following:

  • The vehicle continues in the vocation for which it was originally covered. For example, an on-highway truck converted to severe duty service would not continue to be covered by its original on-highway warranty.
  • The vehicle drivetrain is not be subjected to abusive driving techniques or habits. See the Roadranger Warranty Guide for specific precautions.
  • Usage of and adhering to proper drain/fill intervals of approved lubricants - particularly Roadranger-approved synthetic lubricants – is essential for preserving extended warranty coverage.
  • Installing genuine Roadranger aftermarket replacement parts is essential for maintaining original Roadranger warranty coverage.

Who do I contact regarding aftermarket parts?

Contact the Aftermarket Dedicated District Manager dedicated to your nameplate.