Eaton delivers standardized machinery and cost savings to KraussMaffei

“We were extremely pleased and impressed with the Eaton team who helped us find the solution we needed in a fraction of the time it would normally take.”

Ben Fox, Robeck Fluid Power Company


Internationally renowned for its innovative, cross-technology systems and solutions, KraussMaffei develops and delivers injection molding machinery, reaction process machinery and automation to industrial manufacturers. As a complete supplier across industries, KraussMaffei is most often recognized for its individual, modular, and standardized products as well as a wide range of customized services.

Robeck Fluid Power Company is a distributor in the steel and plastics industry serving KraussMaffei with quality products, systems, and services. Striving to provide the most effective solutions, Robeck Fluid Power Company maintains a commitment to "leading-edge” technology, performance and innovation.

Eaton works closely with Robeck Fluid Power Company by supplying products, systems and services for distribution. Eaton, a global power management company, provides innovative solutions and superior service to its customers who need to manage their power needs safely and more efficiently. An example of how the company applies its expertise to customer needs, Eaton technology teams developed the Walterscheid WALFORMplus metric tube fitting system to offer best-in-class performance with maximum system stability and safety for hydraulic systems.


KraussMaffei employees were installing a cell of machines at a major original equipment manufacturer using several different suppliers for the metric tube fitting requirements. In using mismatched parts, KraussMaffei staff started to notice leakage and immediately interpreted that the mismatched fittings or improper installation were the root cause of the problem. After conducting initial research online regarding Eaton’s Walterscheid WALFORM technology, KraussMaffei contacted distributor Robeck Fluid Power Company in late November 2012 with a tight deadline to solve the problem.


Robeck staff contacted Eaton and the team went to work to solve KraussMaffei’s challenge. By relying on Eaton’s new WALFORM machine leasing program, Robeck Fluid Power Company gained access to the WALFORM machine and most of the tooling and fittings from Eaton in the United States. In a testament to working with a globally networked company, that serves customers locally, when Robeck needed items that were not available, they received shipments from Eaton’s Lohmar Germany facility the next day. The combination of the leasing program and Eaton’s team working in unison reduced the standard delivery time from approximately eighteen weeks to one week.

"The entire Eaton team came together in the U.S. and in Germany to help the customer solve an immediate and problematic production issue,” said Pat Weaver, Eaton Area Sales Manager. “The leasing program, the U.S. team’s dedication to go above and beyond, and the Germany team stepping up to the plate to help, truly gets to the core of Eaton’s values of dedication to quality products and service.”

Once KraussMaffei received its equipment, Eaton’s account manager of Stationary Markets, traveled to the company’s location in Kentucky to train employees on the WALFORM operation. Within the tight deadline to solve KraussMaffei’s problem, Eaton organized the equipment delivery and the installation and made sure employees were trained on the machine, something typically handled by the supplier.

"As a result of Eaton’s hard work and dedication, not only did we get our problem solved, but we standardized our machinery across the board and will experience cost savings in the future. We look forward to developing a long-standing relationship with Eaton,” said Ben Fox, Robeck Fluid Power Company.

Walterscheid WALFORM Machine with Trolley


Through Eaton’s innovative leasing program and its ability to come together quickly to provide superior solutions and service to its customers, KraussMaffei met its goal and also returned the leased equipment to Eaton within the month timeline. In addition, KrausMaffei standardized its machinery to Eaton’s Walterscheid product to avoid additional problems in the future with mismatched parts. The project will also help lead to cost savings in the future by working with one supplier rather than several.