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Valve Actuation

For vehicle makers around the world, increasingly stringent economic and regulatory pressures are driving an unprecedented demand for vehicles with improved fuel economy and reduced emissions.

Eaton helps OEMs to meet this demand with valve and valve train solutions that are enabling the next generation of clean combustion for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and industrial diesel engines.

Eaton has pioneered the development of valve actuation technologies that optimize control of engine air flow to improve fuel economy and reduce emissions:

Lash Adjusters or Lifters
Eaton's lash adjuster components are specifically designed to automatically adjust the valves lash ensuring precise valve seating, optimizing engine air flow and allowing for more precise fuel management. The product portfolio ranges from Hydraulic Lash Adjusters to product solutions for cylinder deactivation systems.

Rocker arms
The rocker arms or finger followers are engineered to optimize engine dynamics of all types of IC engines. Patented designs allow variable valve lifts as well as valve lift deactivation, enabling optimized breathing and reduced pumping losses. Certain products, such as the Roller Rocker Arm (RRA) with free floating axles, reduce wear and increase load capacity.

Variable Valve Actuation (VVA)
Eaton offers a broad portfolio of devices to support Variable Valve Actuation such as:

  • Deactivating Lash Adjusters (DLA) / Deactivating Roller Lifter
  • Variable Valve Lift Rocker Arm
  • Deactivating Roller Rocker Arms