Engine Brake, Engine Braking

Engine Brake

In Eaton‘s product portfolio, there is an advanced Engine Braking technology for heavy duty commercial vehicle applications that reduces the Total Cost of Ownership for truck owners.

Partially doing the job of traditional brakes, the Engine Brake reduces wear and heating of the friction brake pads.

The system is able to change the valve lift between the standard drive mode and engine brake mode in one engine cycle, according to customer requirements. Once requested, the full braking power of the engine is delivered in the shortest time possible.

Eaton's engine braking system can control individual cylinders. This allows to activate only partial braking power if necessary, and open the door to different usage of the braking system,thermal management, gear up-shifting control.

Eaton is an expert in engine air management. As such, our Engine Brake, as a Variable Valve Actuation function, is just one part of Eaton’s Commercial Engine VVA portfolio.