Eaton PS-386 Sythentic Lubricant

PS-386 Synthetic Transmission Lubricant

Eaton’s new PS-386 Synthetic Transmission Lubricant is designed for fuel efficiency, extended drain intervals and severe service in heavy duty commercial vehicle transmissions which require a non-EP transmission lubricant. It is specially formulated to protect higher torque transmissions coupled with increased horsepower engines. It is approved for use in Eaton transmissions such as UltraShift PLUS, Fuller Advantage, FR and RT Series transmissions.


Product SnapshotTest Method
Viscosity, cSt 100 °C (40 °C):14.8 (95.1)ASTM D-445
Viscosity, cP -40 °C:51,900ASTM D-2983
Viscosity Index:163ASTM D-2270
Pour point, °C (°F)-42 (-44)ASTM D-97
Fire point, °C (°F)276 (528)ASTM D-92
Flash point, °C (°F)238 (460)ASTM D-92