Procision dual clutch, medium duty, automatic transmission

Procision Dual-Clutch Automatic Transmission

A medium-duty, automatic transmission that is as easy to drive as it is to specify.

The newest member of the Eaton transmission lineup is the all-new Procision 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. For medium-duty truck owners, the smart features in the Eaton Procision 7-speed automatic transmission deliver more savings and driver confidence than the competition.

Product Snapshot
Speeds: 7 forward, 1 reverse
Length inches (mm): 30.1 (765)
Weight lbs (kg): 364 (165)
Max Torque lbs.ft. (Nm): 660 (895)
Operating Weights (GVW/GCW)
  • 26,000 lbs. (11,793 kg) with park pawl
  • GVW 33,000 lbs. (14,969 kg) without park pawl
  • GCW 35,000 lbs. (15,875 kg) without park pawl