TVS Supercharger New

TVS® Supercharger

The Eaton Supercharger has been improving engine performance since 1985, beginning with the reknown M-Series. Five generations later, the TVS® (Twin Vortices Series®) was a revolutionary design that provides an incredible 12% efficiency improvement. It also has a higher speed capability, from 18.000 to 24.000 rpm, which produces a broader map width.

Today, TVS is available in 2 different specifications: R-Series with 4 lobes optimized for peak power applications, and V-Series with 3 lobes optimized for low flow efficiency, ideal for 2-stage boosting systems.

Superchargers are available in numerous sizes in an engine range from small engines like a 2-cylinder 0.8L up to a 8-cylinder 6.4L engine Superchargers are scalable technology, not limited in size, and can be customized to specific OEM requirements.

Eaton engineers work closely with the OEM´s development teams to define whether R-Series or V-Series Supercharger will be the correct boosting solution for each particular engine.