IntelliTrac Differential Product


Electronic limited slip differential

IntelliTrac™ is Eaton’s new electronically controlled limited slip differential, providing fully variable torque distribution from open to full-lock. Powerful hydraulic actuation and precision electronic controls enable industry leading 100-millisecond response time. This enhances vehicle stability control by redirecting power to the wheels with traction and maintaining vehicle momentum in advance of brake and throttle interventions from Stability Control.

In rear-wheel drive applications, IntelliTrac can neutralize oversteer (when the vehicle is turning more sharply than the intended path) by transferring torque from the outside to inside wheel. In front-wheel-drive applications, torque is transferred from the inside to outside wheel to reduce understeer (vehicle turning less sharply than intended). This provides enhanced driver control and confidence in vehicle handling and response.

IntelliTrac eLSD is customizable for a wide variety of applications, including a bolt-on option to a FWD transaxle or rear axle, or fully integrated within the rear axle.