Hydraulic Test Standards image

Hydraulic Test Stands

Eaton’s ISO-certified Engineering Test Lab houses over 70 hydraulic test stands, which aid Eaton in developing new products and systems that meet the performance and endurance expectations of customers.

They also are used to conduct other types of testing per ISO, SAE, ANSI, NFPA, and internal Eaton standards, such as cyclic, fatigue, inertia and side load, flywheel, and corner horsepower.

Featuring digital ouputs, our innovative, hydraulic test stands are designed, built, and instrumented by Eaton engineering personnel who employ Eaton products wherever possible. Test thresholds include:

  • Test stand maximum—600 hp
  • Pressure testing—up to 8,000 psi
  • Rise and fall rates—120k psi/sec
  • Flow capability—up to 200 gpm
  • Torque—up to 50,000 inch lbs

Eaton offers the flexibility and infrastructure to replicate any circuitry available using any type and size of adapter in the industry. Required adapters not on hand are easily fabricated in-house.

Mobile DTE 24 Hydraulic Fluid is the standard fluid used in product testing, although other application-specific fluids can be utilized on specialized test stands, even alternative and water-based fluids.

All prototypes are tested according to rated conditions before customer delivery. Products that are designed specific to customer applications, such as steering control units, are tested to application criteria as well.