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Cavalier Transportation Services, Inc.

Uptime is the name of the game with genuine Eaton products and services.

“The support that we get from Eaton is second to none. I wish every manufacturer gave us the same support. That would make working in this trucking industry a whole lot easier."

Tim Harkness, Director of Maintenance,
Cavalier Transportation Services, Inc.


Cavalier Transportation Services, Inc. opened for business in 1979 and today has five locations in the U.S. and Canada with roughly 90 trucks and 170 employees. Bolton, Ontario, near Toronto, serves as the company's headquarters and main distribution center.

The Less Than Truckload (LTL) carrier provides a vital link between Canada and the United States daily. They also service Canada's busiest traffic lanes across Ontario and into their Quebec terminal providing same daily service. This is all accomplished within a 500-mile radius of the greater Toronto area.

Tim Harkness, who has been with the company for 21 years, is Director of Maintenance. He's also responsible for spec'ing and purchasing new equipment for the company, as well as overseeing aftermarket purchases.


Vehicle uptime, he states, is vital. "Delivering customers' freight safely and in a timely manner is important."

To best maintain uptime, Harkness relies on quality components and a highly effective customized preventative maintenance (PM) that he designed.

"Every time we do a full PM it takes about three and a half hours," he says. "And we never extend our drain intervals. Because when you do, you leave a window of opportunity open to miss a possible vehicle defect.

"So while a lot of managers will go to 80,000 kilometers (50,000 miles), we still stick with 40,000 kilometers for our highway trucks and 30,000 for our day cabs. We feel secure in knowing after each truck's rigorous inspection that we can safely deliver our customers freight on time.

"Here we live by one motto – Our Maintenance is Your Safety."

Uptime also influences his aftermarket purchases, where genuine OEM (original equipment manufacturer), brand name components are the only parts he purchases for his fleet.


One of his favorite brands is Eaton, which essentially supplies Harkness with all of his new, as well as replacement clutches and transmissions.

"We have looked at other manufacturers but feel the risk is too great," adds Harkness. "Sacrificing quality has a much larger potential to negatively impact our customer service needs."

Conversely, he's more than satisfied with the reliability that he receives from Eaton's top-of-theline Advantage Series clutches and genuine Eaton Fuller transmissions.

Among the many features and benefits of the Advantage Series are:

  • 50,000-mile lube intervals for linehaul applications;
  • Proprietary facing material for longer life and better engagement;
  • Premium dampening through Eaton's Vibration Control Technology (VCT);
  • Industry best 2-year/unlimited miles warranty protection.


Eaton Advantage Series clutches are also the number one OEM spec in North America.

Eaton transmissions enjoy similar OEM approval. Eaton offers fully synchronized and non-synchronized transmissions as well as automated manual transmissions for virtually any heavy truck application. The lineup includes:

  • Five through 13 speeds for synchronized manual transmissions;
  • Five through 18 speeds for constant mesh transmissions;
  • Six through 18 speeds for automated constant mesh manual transmissions.


Aftermarket clutches and transmissions are manufactured with high quality materials and all are certified to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Aftermarket transmissions carry an industry best 2-year warranty and all are dynamometer tested to ensure they meet Eaton's high standards for performance. Along with the Advantage Series clutches, Eaton offers a full line of aftermarket-specific clutches designed for long life and trouble- free operation.

Even with an innovative product portfolio to choose from, Harkness believes it's the Eaton people who deserve the most praise.


"Whenever we have an issue, and we have not had many, the Eaton people have always been there for us," says Harkness. "They always provide me with a straight up answer, quickly and professionally."

Other vendors, he claims, are typically far less responsive, especially when dealing with warranty issues.

"Every one of the component manufacturers these days will tell you they have great warranties," says Harkness. "But they always seem to come up with a lengthy list of reasons why they do not have to honor that warranty."

Eaton, conversely, never looks for an excuse.

"If it's a warranty matter or a service issue, Eaton will usually give you an answer within minutes after speaking with them on the phone," he adds. "And they give intelligent answers, telling us whether it's a common issue or why it might have happened and where to look for potential areas of concern.

"The Eaton team carries the extra book knowledge that we require."

That knowledge is available throughout North America, thanks to the more than 200 service and sales professionals who make up the Roadranger™ network. With a combined 2,000 years of experience, Roadrangers annually make more than 27,000 face-to-face visits with customers.

Harkness, of course, doesn't require nearly that many calls due to the performance and reliability of Eaton's products. But when he does deal with his Roadranger rep, he's never disappointed.

"The support that we get from Eaton is second to none," says Harkness. "I wish every manufacturer gave us the same support. That would make working in this trucking industry a whole lot easier."